About us

Our vision is to revolutionise the travel industry with a core reservation platform that can be extended by us or our clients, leaving our customers in charge of their technical destiny.

We’re empowering travel pioneers and elevating customer experiences with our integrated booking platform. Here’s how.


The RezKit story

After years of navigating tricky technology while working for some of the country’s largest tour and package holiday operators, we knew the future had to look better for the travel industry. That’s why we designed RezKit, an extensible booking platform that connects people and products seamlessly.

We’re here to simplify the experience for you and your customers, so you can accelerate your business growth. We’ve been travellers and tour operators, tackling both sides of the reservation process (and always dreaming up better ways of doing so).

We live and breathe travel

We mean it when we say that we understand the travel industry. From diving trips to intrepid trekking and safari adventures, we’ve done it all. We’ve gained more than 40 years of combined experience in the travel and tour industry during this time, and now we’re shaping its future.

We’ve been at your desk

We’ve managed tours like yours and felt frustrations like yours. That’s why we’re breaking down the traditional barriers in the travel industry. We want to make managing bookings less of a mission for you and your customers, so you can leave the adventures where they belong.

We empower and elevate

We create software solutions to suit the bespoke needs of travel and tour operators, with a genuinely helpful team that offers hands-on support. Plus, our integrated booking platform is flexible, scalable and easy to use. That means you can focus on connecting with customers and growing sustainably.

Who we are

With a genuine love for travel, we’re a team who truly cares about the impact we make on the environment, your business and the wider industry.

Our values

  • We believe in creating technology that helps our clients build innovative and forward-thinking travel businesses. Our system should be an enabler.
  • We believe in developing young technical talent in the UK, particularly undergraduates who don’t have cost-free opportunities for further education.
  • We believe in sustainable growth based on hard work and investment in the right technologies.

Let’s talk

We’re here to help. Find out how partnering with RezKit could help you deliver frictionless customer experiences, from the bookings process to the travel itself.

Join the team

Could you help us revolutionise the bookings process for travel and tour operators? If you want to be part of a collaborative team shaping the tourism industry, head to our Careers page to view our current vacancies.

We are on a journey to revolutionise travel booking systems.

At RezKit, we can see there is a huge gap between the online capabilities of travel businesses and their eCommerce cousins. It's time for this to change, and we are on a journey to create the kind of functionality that all eCommerce experts expect from a system – whether that's integration with the latest marketing tools from MailChimp or Hubspot, or being able to use the latest data analytics tools to analyse your customer database. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and see whether RezKit fits your needs.