Why use RezKit?

Transform the tour booking experience with RezKit, your ticket to long-term business growth. 

Tour booking software to empower your key players

Deliver better travel experiences with RezKit, our user-friendly booking software that was built to make a difference to your customers. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the travel industry, we know the challenges you’re facing achieving that. That's why we’ve designed our intuitive interface, easy integrations and customisable functionalities with the bespoke needs of tour operators in mind. 

RezKit isn’t just here to elevate the bookings process for your customers; it’s tour booking software that’s making life easier for marketing, operations, sales, finance, product managers and the rest of your team.

Use Cases

Helping founders adapt to the future of travel

Create efficiencies across the business 

Save administration time and cost with our easy-to-use tour booking software for marketing, operations, sales, finance and more. 

Optimise the journey from booking to travel

Remove barriers to booking a tour, so your customers can focus on looking ahead to their adventure and having fun.

Futureproof your place in the travel industry

Get prepared for the future of the travel industry as it evolves with our agile booking software, with frictionless integrations and customisations at your fingertips. 

Giving marketers visibility throughout the customer journey 

Get more from your platforms 

Integrate RezKit into the marketing platforms you already know and love, so you can get the best from your customer data.

Automate your workflows

Create space on your to-do list without sacrificing customer experience by automating everything from emails to trigger-based actions.

Tailor customer engagements 

Connect with customers meaningfully at every stage by using their data to personalise your communications.

Connecting operations to people on the ground

Navigate trip logistics from one platform

Plan the nitty gritty of every tour with RezKit’s slick interface, whether you’re updating passenger manifests or organising equipment rental on the ground. 

Review customer data quickly 

Check and update passenger details, payments and booking status without hassle – and allow customers to manage their own data. 

Liaise with travellers and team members

Keep travellers and team members in the loop at every stage, and make sure there’s no miscommunication before, during or after the trip. 

Relieving pressure on IT teams

Enjoy nimble onboarding processes

Onboard RezKit to your digital ecosystem with as much support from our team as you need, from self-service guides to telephone support.

Integrate apps and APIs smoothly

Connect your own data and preferred marketing and sales platforms easily, all thanks to RezKit’s expanding library of compatible third-party apps and APIs.

Outsource technical support 

Let our teams provide the technical support your business needs to get the best from RezKit, so you’re free to work on more important projects.

Scale up with our robust, cloud-based infrastructure 

Forget about the issues associated with managing a complex infrastructure. Our systems benefit from modern architecture that is low-cost but massively scalable.

Simplifying payments and reporting for finance 

Streamline analytics and reports

Turn customer data into easy-to-understand reports with our built-in reports feature, so you can see what’s working well and what needs your attention. It’s simple to produce custom reports using exports, or to tailor reporting centres to your needs with no-code tools. 

Improve payment processes

Offer customers a more flexible way to pay with currency options, monthly instalments and integrations with more than 30 different payment gateways. 

Handle transactions in one place 

Gain full oversight of every transaction, whether it's customers making payments or travel agents receiving commission. 


Disentangling the bookings process for sales 

Manage customer bookings seamlessly

Integrate RezKit into your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) to pull up your customer data whenever you need it.

Track sales over time

Keep an eye on the most important metrics with a user-friendly sales dashboard, complete with the option to produce sales reports. 

Enhance the customer experience 

Deliver a consistently hassle-free experience for every customer, allowing them to make, edit and view their bookings from one digital platform. 

Putting the fun back into product management 

Gain better visibility

Keep tabs on people and products at every stage of the booking journey so that you can manage all bookable products, both internal and external with ease.

Create great itineraries 

Turn ideas into itineraries that engage customers and help team members deliver exciting experiences, effortlessly. 

Categorise tour content

Use RezKit’s customisable format to give customers the most accurate content every time, from the meals they’ll enjoy to the altitudes they’ll reach. 

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See RezKit in action

Watch how RezKit supports custom-built integrations and APIs with a demo from our helpful team, tailored to your business.