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to a world of digital

Discover new possibilities with RezKit,
people-first tour booking software with
a growing list of integrations.

Flexible integrations,

RezKit doesn’t compete with the platforms and apps you already know and love. It complements them. By integrating RezKit into your digital ecosystem, you can engage customers, manage bookings and track progress – all from one slick interface.

RezKit integrates with product management solutions, global distribution systems, bed banks, analytics platforms and much more to help you accelerate your business growth, your way. We know that every travel business has its own set of needs, which is why we’ve designed our platform to be as adaptable as possible. With RezKit, you’re in control.


Create a seamless
journey with APIs

Access the data you need, where and when you need it, with our platform’s APIs. We built RezKit to connect to an ever-increasing range of APIs, so you can rely on tour booking software that adapts to the future of travel as you do. Lean on us for support or create your own tools using popular no-code products with our easy-to-use technology, and empower your developers to unleash their creativity.

We’ll never shy away from integrating new APIs. As new apps and platforms develop, so will your opportunity to pair them with RezKit.

Team up with thousands
of apps through

With RezKit, there’s no need to stop using third-party apps. In fact, our flexible platform allows you to push data into thousands of them. By connecting with Zapier, it’s quick and simple to create triggers that make life easier for your team, and booking journeys smoother for your customers.

Picture the scene. As a customer books a tour through RezKit, a predefined trigger sends the booking directly to your CRM, uploads the data to a spreadsheet and alerts your team via email. With RezKit and Zapier, you can create workflows that are completely fluid.

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